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 Looking for the cheapest Oklahoma City auto insurance rates? Here is what you need to know to get started learning how to find the very best Oklahoma City auto insurance coverage.

Oklahoma City, located in the middle of Oklahoma State, is the largest city in this state and the second largest city in the United States. Over one million people, one third of OK’s total population, live in Oklahoma City. The size and population of the city may explain why auto theft is so high in the area.

While there is no way to make your car completely safe from auto theft, there are many steps you can take to minimize the risk. Minimizing the risk will not only help keep your car from getting stolen, but it will also help reduce your Oklahoma City auto insurance rates.

Type of Auto Theft that Affect Oklahoma City Auto Insurance

There are several types of auto theft and they all impact Oklahoma City auto insurance rates. Whether you are a victim of auto theft or not your insurance premium will reflect a higher rate because of auto theft. Whenever crime is involved, everyone pays. Car theft costs consumers almost $9 billion a year and is the second most profitable crime in the United States. Coincidentally, car theft often is related to drug trafficking, which is the first most profitable crime. The average value of a stolen car is $7,000.

One common type of auto theft is the steal and strip, which is when a car is stolen for its parts. The car is stripped down, which takes approximately 30 minutes, and parts are resold either on the black market or through online auction sites. Although one reason to strip a car for parts is to dismantle the car and reduce evidence of the stolen vehicle, the main reason this is done is because car parts are actually worth two to three times more than the car itself. Air bags and global positioning systems (GPS) are valuable components, but all parts have resale value.

Another reason cars are stolen is for terrorist or secondary crime purposes. Stolen vehicles are typically used in car bombings or to commit crimes where vehicle getaway is necessary. The use of a stolen vehicle in crimes such as bank robberies or home invasions slows down the start of a police investigation, increasing the chances for a thief to get away.

Protection to Reduce Oklahoma City Auto Insurance Rates

A car owner has a responsibility to protect his property. Criminals do not operate on ethics. Just because a car belongs to you does not mean no one else will take it. So leaving your keys in the car while it is unattended is simply not a good idea; yet 15% of car owners do this every day. It is also not a good idea to keep a spare key in the car. It is much safer to keep one in your wallet where it will stay with you and not be in the car.

Vehicle titles should also never be kept in the car. Rather keep it in a lockbox at home or somewhere else that is safe. A car with the title in it is a dangerous combination, ensuring that whoever has your car will be able to show ownership.
Always keep your doors locked, even when you’re driving.

While most thieves steal unattended vehicles, there are carjackers who do not mind taking a car that is occupied. When you are leaving your car, close all points of entry, including windows, sun roofs, and moon roofs. You should also never keep items of value in plain sight. A car thief may decide to choose your car simply because of that bag of goodies sitting in the back seat or the visible TomTomup front. Even if they don’t take your car, a smashed window will cost you the deductible on your auto insurance policy.

Oklahoma City Auto Insurance Discounts

There are many deterrents to auto theft that can be implemented that will not only keep your car from getting stolen, but can help reduce the cost of your Oklahoma City auto insurance policy as well. Most Oklahoma City car insurance providers offer discounts for a number of theft deterrents, whether they are factory installed or installed after market.

The most common alarm system is one that includes an audible warning. Typically this kind of car system will produce a loud siren type of noise when it is set off. The intention is to cause attention, forcing a would-be thief to move along. These systems usually come with visual deterrents as well, such as a visible blinking light when it is active and stickers in the window warning that the device is installed.

Another common deterrent is VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) etching, which is where the VIN is etched into the windows and the windshield. This makes it difficult for your car to be resold without actually replacing all of the glass, decreasing a thief’s profit and making your car more unappealing. Some other devices that can be installed are steering column collars and wheel locks. Immobilizing devices such as smart keys and kill switches can also be installed. Disablers for your fuel pump, ignition, and starter are also deterrents to consider.

It takes less than a minute for a professional car thief to steal a car and a car is stolen every 30 seconds. The more precautions you take, the less your risk will be of becoming a victim. Be sure to let your Oklahoma City auto insurance agent know of any security measures you have taken in order to receive discounts on your OK City auto insurance and reduce your premiums.

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